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Kid Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing: Schools and group bookings

Young people are often introduced to climbing during a group trip, whether you are a school, scout group or youth organisation, we would like to help make your group session an inspiring one. 

To find out more, please send us an enquiry stating which group type you are and we can provide you with the most suitable session for the young people you work with.

Kid Climbing Wall

Group booking services and suggestions


  • GCSE Physical education courses (multi-day or over several weeks) 

  • Fun day group experiences 

  • Scout and guide groups to achieve badges 

  • DofE physical/skill element progressive courses 

  • Colleges (Uniformed services, sports courses etc.) 

Can't find what you're looking for, simply send us an enquiry today to find out how we can help you find the right sessions for your group.

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Group Bookings FAQs

What makes Crux Climbing Academy suitable for school and group bookings?

Crux is renowned for providing a safe, educational and thrilling climbing experience, specially tailored for schools and groups in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Our coaching is designed to ensure maximum safety while allowing students and group members to explore and enjoy climbing.

Can we schedule group climbing sessions during school hours?

Absolutely! We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate school and group bookings during various times, including school hours, to fit into your curriculum or programme in both Birmingham and Wolverhampton locations.

Are your climbing sessions suitable for scout and guide groups?

Yes, scout and guide groups will find our climbing sessions in Wolverhampton and Birmingham both fun and educational. Our expert instructors ensure learning and safety go hand-in-hand, making Crux the go-to destination for group adventures.

Our climbing sessions are also suitable for Cubs, Brownies, Rainbows, Beavers, Cadets as well as other clubs or local teams who want to try something new.

How does Crux Climbing Academy ensure a safe climbing environment for groups?

Safety is our top priority. All climbing sessions, especially for school and group bookings, are supervised by certified professionals. We use top-quality equipment and safety protocols to ensure an enjoyable and worry-free experience.

How can I book a climbing session for our school or group at Crux?

It's easy! Simply contact us to schedule your group’s climbing adventure in either Birmingham or Wolverhampton. We cater to schools, scouts, and guide groups, ensuring each session is tailored to your group’s size, age, and skill level.

Can Crux Climbing accommodate corporate events for team building?

Absolutely! Climbing is an ideal activity for corporate events, offering great team-building experiences and fun days. Our climbing sessions are crafted to promote wellbeing and inclusivity and we are committed to ensuring a safe, fun experience tailored to all fitness levels. With flexible packages, we can customise events to meet your team's specific needs, promoting teamwork, goal-setting, and personal growth. Get in touch to plan your unique event!

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