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 Fun Family Climbing Experiences

Enjoy a fun-filled family time with Crux Climbing. Your family is in good hands with our experienced and qualified instructors who prioritise safety while ensuring an unforgettable experience. Spend quality time together as you take on climbing challenges suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Why not take the step towards making those family memories today?


If you're looking for a fun day out with the kids in Birmingham or Wolverhampton, click the button below to get started!


Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees

"We believe in honest, up-front pricing. All prices listed below include entry to the climbing centre and kit hire, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories without worrying about extra costs."

One-Hour Family Fun Taster Session
(up to 4 people) - £55

Experience the exhilaration of climbing as a family in this 1-hour taster session.

Designed for up to four participants, this package is perfect for those who want to explore the basics of climbing together.

Get ready to create stories you'll cherish for years to come!


Ninety-Minute Family Fun Taster Session
(up to 4 people) - £80

Immerse yourselves in the climbing adventure with our extended 90-minute session, suitable for up to four family members.

This option allows you to dive deeper into the world of climbing, sharpen your skills, and forge even stronger bonds with your loved ones.




Creation climbing centre Birmingham


Wolf mountain activity centre, wolverhampton

As an independent provider we are currently delivering sessions in Birmingham at Creation Climbing Centre, and in Wolverhampton at Wolf Mountain Activity Centre.

Family Climbing FAQs

What age is appropriate for children to start rock climbing?

Children as young as 7 years old can begin rock climbing, though it largely depends on the individual child’s physical abilities and comfort level. At Crux Climbing, we always ensure the climbing environment is safe and that appropriate supervision and safety equipment are available. Both climbing locations at Creation Climbing Centre in Birmingham and Wolf Mountain Activity Centre in Wolverhampton offer walls specially designed for children to offer a safe and enjoyable experience.

Do we need to have previous rock climbing experience?

Not necessarily! Crux Climbing’s chosen climbing facilities have routes that are suitable for beginners, including children and adults with no previous climbing experience. As a trained climbing instructor I provide guidance, safety instructions and support to ensure a positive experience for climbers of all skill levels.

What kind of equipment will we need for a family rock climbing outing?

All the required kit hire is included in the price of the session, so all you need to bring is comfortable clothing and a pair of trainers.

Is rock climbing safe for the whole family?

Yes, when done with proper safety precautions, rock climbing is a safe and fun activity for the whole family. We ensure that everyone is using the appropriate safety gear and that children are always supervised. If you are new to climbing, consider our One-hour Family Fun Taster Session for up to 4 people for just £55 or the 90-minute session for just £80!

How can rock climbing be a fun and educational experience for kids?

Rock climbing is not only physically engaging but also promotes problem-solving, as climbers decide on the best paths to reach the top. It can boost self-esteem and confidence as children overcome obstacles and reach new heights. Moreover, as your child progresses, it offers opportunities to learn about nature, geology and the environment, especially during outdoor climbing experiences.

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