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crux climbing coaching academy

Welcome to Crux Climbing Coaching Academy

Our club, custom-made for young climbers aged 7 to 17, offers an exciting journey of exploration and personal development. Your child will have a fantastic time gaining essential skills, building new friendships, and staying active whilst having fun. They'll master vital climbing techniques like belaying and rope work, all in an atmosphere that values respect and positive encouragement. Join us, and watch your child's confidence and achievements soar as they conquer thrilling challenges, one climb at a time, at their own pace.

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crux climbing

Introducing the Crux Climbing Coaching Academy Logbook 
A system designed to transform climbing enthusiasts into skilled climbers. Our programme is more than just a logbook; it's a roadmap to success.
As climbers progress through the levels, they'll gain invaluable experience, learn essential techniques, and build the confidence needed to reach new goals.
With each level they complete, climbers earn certificates that mark their achievements and inspire them to keep pushing their limits.

keep a track of their journey, and witness your young climbers develop not only climbing prowess but also a sense of accomplishment that will stay with them for life.
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We understand that it can be hard to tell if your child will be interested in any activity before giving it a try first.

With this in mind we want to work with parents by offering an initial trial session at a discounted price.


Please send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page to get our best offer now



climbing centre Birmingham


Wolf mountain activity centre, wolverhampton

As an independent provider we are currently delivering sessions in Birmingham at Creation Climbing Centre, and in Wolverhampton at Wolf Mountain Activity Centre.

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