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Climbing Staff Development Scheme

Crux Climbing Coaching Academy and Crux Coaching CIC provide a Staff Development Scheme for people aged 16-26.

This scheme is designed to help teenagers and adults achieve their potential and carve out a career in the world of indoor climbing. It provides the opportunity to gain qualifications, develop essential skills and gain valuable experience to help secure employment. The scheme is tailored to provide the support needed to help young people successfully transition into the industry with confidence.


Our mentoring schemes are here to help you navigate your career path and find your footing in this dynamic and exciting world. With Crux Climbing Mentoring, you'll receive assistance in various aspects of your journey, including:

  • Filling in your online digital logbook: Track your progress and showcase your skills with a comprehensive and well-organized logbook that will impress future employers.

  • Finding suitable training courses: Discover the perfect training courses tailored to your needs and aspirations, ensuring you acquire the skills and certifications necessary for a successful career in the climbing industry.

  • Securing paid work at climbing walls: Receive expert advice and support to land rewarding job opportunities at climbing walls, allowing you to gain invaluable hands-on experience and make meaningful connections within the industry.


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