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Birthday climbing PARTIES

Have you ever considered celebrating your loved one's birthday in a way that's truly unique and unforgettable?


Skip the traditional meal outing and opt for a thrilling birthday indoor rock climbing adventure at Crux Climbing!


Imagine the excitement on their faces as they test their limits and conquer challenges with their friends and family.


Our qualified instructors ensure a safe and exciting experience for all ages.


Make this birthday one to remember. Book now and give the gift of adventure!

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GIVE THE GIFT OF CLIMBING WITH a crux gift card instead

Birthday Climbing Parties FAQs

What age is appropriate for birthday climbing parties?

Our birthday climbing parties are suitable for children aged 6 and up. Our professional instructors ensure that climbing activities are tailored to the participant's age and skill level, making it a safe and exciting experience for everyone.

Are there professional instructors available during the birthday climbing parties?

Absolutely! We have qualified instructors on hand to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all party guests. They will provide guidance, support, and supervision, ensuring a memorable and safe climbing experience at either the Birmingham or Wolverhampton indoor climbing venue.

What should children wear to birthday climbing parties?

Kids should wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement. Athletic wear is ideal. Kids should also wear trainers. Any other required equipment will be provided, ensuring a safe and enjoyable climbing experience for all party attendees.

Can parents and guardians join in the climbing fun?

Yes, parents and guardians are more than welcome to join the climbing fun! It’s a great opportunity for family bonding and to be part of an unforgettable experience.

How do I book a birthday climbing party in Birmingham or Wolverhampton?

Booking is easy! Simply contact us through our website or give us a call to reserve your preferred date and time. We’ll handle all the details to ensure an adventurous and memorable birthday celebration!



creation climbing centre Birmingham


Wolf mountain activity centre, wolverhampton

As an independent provider we are currently delivering indoor climbing sessions in Birmingham at Creation Climbing Centre and in Wolverhampton at Wolf Mountain Activity Centre.

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